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Social Sites MyBB Plugin 0.2.2 Cross Site Scripting

Social Sites MyBB Plugin 0.2.2 versiyonunda Cross Site Scripting açığı bulunmuş olup, açıkla ilgili olarak açık bulucunun açıklamaları aşağıdadır;

# Exploit Title: Social Sites MyBB Plugin 0.2.2 Cross Site Scripting
# Google Dork: inurl:usercp.php?action=socialsites
# Date: 13.12.2012
# Exploit Author: s3m00t
# Vendor Homepage: http://mattrogowski.co.uk/mybb/
# Software Link: http://mods.mybb.com/view/social-sites
# Version: 0.2.2
# Tested on: PHP

Lack of input validation at several places.

Proof of Concept:
1. Navigate to "usercp.php?action=socialsites" and you will see a number of
fields as http://i.imgur.com/0tz98.png.
2. Submit below input into any of the field:
" /><script>alert(1)</script><img src="
3. The input will be stored as shown at http://i.imgur.com/Z8bYM.png

Replace the content of "inc/plugins/socialsites.php" with this script: